Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January 13th, 2013 Balavihar Class Journal

1st/2nd Grade Class Journal - Teacher: Deepa

The kids continued learning Bala Ramayana and each chapter has a valuable lesson. They are not only learning new characters and stories inside Ramyan but also understanding the moral behind every story.
We restarted Bhagavad Gita Chapter 13. Some of the kids don't have the printout. They will receive them in class next week. Remember to send the folder and also check it after class to make sure you have the printout. They are learning body parts in Sanskrit and are having fun. You can quiz them at home. They'll surprise you.
They continued Guru Stotram verses and know 5 of them now. Its important that they practice this with parents at home. In the month of March, Swamiji would be visiting from the ashram and the 1st and 2nd grade class will recite Guru Stotram in front of the Gurujis. For your convenience, I am uploading the verses that we have learned so far, so you can practice at home. For the actual verses, please refer to page number 85 in "My Prayers" book. If you don't have the book or can't find the verses on the internet, please email Deepa at deepa.krish@gmail.com.

K Class Journal - Teacher: Harshala

Daily Prayers 
Gurustrotram : ( p85 ) new my prayers book - 4 verses
Bhajans : Shree Ganaraya,Subramaniyam  (P 48,51  )
Bhagvad Geeta chanting : 4 verses ,13 chapter
Story and Activity
We learned about God, who is God, why we pray God , Why we don’t see God, what we need to do to see God and to become like God.
We learned a poem of God by Cecil Alexander.
We learned how “ Miloo’’ and  “Iloo’’ in our mind constantly direct us for good and bad habits and why it is important to listen to “ Iloo’’ all the  time. Students made puppets of Iloo and Miloo and colored G for  Bhagvan Ganesha God coloring page. 

PreK Class Journal - Teacher: Sandhya

January 6th, 2013 Balavihar Class Journal

PreK  Class Journal - Teachers: Sandhya

The class started with the prayers and shlokas.
·  OM (3 times)

·  Ganesha Sharanam (first god to pray)

The kids had a great time doing yoga.
·  Tree pose
·   windmill
·  quiet mouse
·  lion pose, butterfly, bird, candle

Three Gods
The kids reviewed the phrases about each god. In order to practice at home say the first phrase and wait for them to say the bolded phrase, preferably with appropriate action:
Ex: Brahman has -- 4 heads ............ means that parent says "Brahma has" and the child should respond with "4 heads"

The phrases we learned are:
Brahma has -- 4 heads
Brahma wrote -- 4 vedas
Brahma created -- the whole world

Vishnu rides -- Garuda
Vishnu has - chakra
Vishnu protects - the whole world

Shiva likes to - dance
Shiva has - a pet snake
Shiva likes to - destroy evil

We practiced breathing deeply in and out with the proper posture and hand pose (three fingers straight and the thumb +forefinger in a circle)

K Class Journal - Teachers: Harshala

Daily Prayers 
Gurustrotram : ( p85 ) new my prayers book - 4 verses
Bhajans : Shree Ganaraya,Subramaniyam  (P 48,51  )
Bhagvad Geeta chanting : 4 verses ,13 chapter
Story and activity : 
 We learned about 10 best ways to make friends and 10  ways we loose friendship.,coloring F for friendship coloring page