Thursday, April 25, 2013

April 21st, 2013 Balavihar Class Journal

PreK  Class Journal - Teachers: Sandhya & Ramya

The class started with the prayers and shlokas.

OM (3 times)
Karagre vasathe
First verse of Guru Sthothram

Ganapati Ganapati 

The kids practiced their usual yoga steps.
Tree pose
quiet mouse

Swamiji’s Visit

We acted out the general plot line of Ramayana


K  Class Journal - Teachers: Shweta

3x OM

Shanti Paath



Sanskrit writing vowels on dictation

Story : O for obedience
Children brainstormed what would happen if people stopped doing what they are supposed to. The world would become very chaotic. Similarly if children do not do what they are asked things would become very chaotic. 
They learnt obedience is about listening to and respecting others. Esp listening to parents and teachers as they know best due to their experience. 
Swetha aunty told a story about a little boy who was not obedient when his dad asked him not to eat a cake he brought home. And when dad wanted to surprise mom on her birthday the cake was half eaten.
Activity: children played teacher says (similar to Simon says)

Story: r for right
Children heard the story of a king who was looking for a person who did right things. Finally found that quality in a little boy who moved a rock off the road even though noone was watching.
They learnt that being right is about being correct.
Activity: each child had to name one correct thing to do. Children had wonderful thoughts including do not waste food, throw the garbage in the bin, do not waste electricity, always apologize if you hurt someone etc.

Play practice - children practice the play few times.

Please practice writing Sanskrit alphabets as it is taking lots of time and we have to skip some parts of lessons


1st/2nd Grade Class Journal; Teacher: Deepa

We had Varun K, Varun M, Nikhil and Paranati attend Bal Vihar on Sunday.
The kids started class by saying the daily prayer. They are all excited to learn GuruStotram and we learned the 7th verse of Guru Stotram. Please practice these verses with your kids at home so they dont forget it when they come in to class. Guru Stotram is the homework they have from Bal Vihar.
We completed Radhe Radhe Bhajan. The kids led the entire Bal Vihar group after class in the cafetaria and sang this bhajan.
We continued Ramayan. We learned about Chitra Kuta and the lives Ram, Lakshman and Sita lived there.We learned about how Bharat met Ram in the forest and wanted Ram to come back. We learned the important lesson that destiny plays a big role in everyone's life. And every human that lives on earth has to experience sadness, happiness and face death.That is their destiny. We were introduced to a new character, Saint Agastya in Ramayan. We learned how powerful he was and how Ram and Sita met Agastya. We will continue Ramayan stories and the lessons that we learn from them.
For activity, the kids made Om using playdoh and stuck them in their worksheets. They had fun making them. We also revisited who would be playing what role when Swamiji visits but since some kids were missing, we would start actual practice on the 5th of May.
The kids haven't been doing much Sanskrit (Hindi) writing in class. From next class onwards we would allocate time for that so the kids learn Sanskrit letters.
We did Yoga pose and emphasized the fact that these poses help one focus. With every class, we would like to see increased focus among kids and the parents can see the difference.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

April 14th, 2013 Balavihar Class Journal

Kindergarten Class - Teachers: Harshala and Shweta

3x OM

Shanti Paath

Daily prayers



Sanskrit writing vowels on dictation

Story : N for Nobility
Sweta auntie told a story of a lion and cow about how the honesty of cow saved her life.
Students learned that nobility is an ability to put others first. They also learned how Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa acted as noble people in their life. We discussed how we can be noble.

Activity : Coloring page for nobility.


Please practice writing Sanskrit alphabets as it is taking lots of time and we have to skip some parts of lessons ! Also there is homework of letter N. Next week we will review the homework so far done.

1st and 2nd Grade Class, Teacher: Deepa

There were 3 new students in class - Nikhil, Yash and Pranati. The kids welcomed the new kids and showed them all the shlokas they recite every class. They learned 1 more verse in GuruStotram and also learned 2 new verses from the Bhajan "Radhe Govinda".
We continued the story of Bala Ramayana and did a recap of all the things we learned so far for the benefit of the new kids. The kids answered all the questions correctly regarding the characters and the story of Ramayana. We visited the chapter where Bharat learns about Rama's exile and decides to visit him at ChitraKuta. The kids did a coloring project that showed Rama and Sita in Chitrakuta.
Parents, please practice GuruStotram with the kids. Its in My Prayers book on page 86. The kids are getting ready to perform in front of Swamiji. They love discussing which God they are going to portray. We will have the lines ready for all the kids by next class and we will start rehearsing. Unfortunately, due to the number of kids, we didn't get to play our usual games in class. We hope to include more fun games and  activities next class.