Sunday, January 12, 2014

January 12th, 2014 Jersey City Balavihar Class Journal

Next class on 26th January 2014

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Peace Invocation: 3x OM
Bhagvan Ganeshji’s Prayer:   Vakratunda Mahakaya
Goddess Saraswati’s Prayer: Saraswati Namstubhyam
Guru’s Prayer: Gururbrhama
Daily Prayers:
Karagre Vasate
Brahmarpanam: We practiced second verse today.
Bhajan: We practiced Shree Ganaraya Bhajan 2x to get ready for presentation
Lesson: I for Intelligence
Story: We learned how Bhagvan Ganesha was winner of the fruit Naradmuni brought
by using intelligence.
Activity: Coloring page. We learned special feature about Elephant’s trunk.
How it can discriminate a blade of a grass and log of wood and adjust force to pick them
Sanskrit: We revised naming colors in Sanskrit, continued Bingo game for the vowel identification. We did not have enough timing for writing letters today.

Meditation: We pray Bhagvan Ganesha to give us an ability to remember to use our intelligence.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

January 5th, 2014 Jersey City Balavihar Class Journal

Next class on Jan 12th, 2014

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Invocation 3x OM
Bhagvan Ganeshji’s prayer Vakratunda Mahakaya
Guru’s prayer: Gururbrahma
Daily prayers
Most of the students have learned Karagre Vasate ( CD track 7, pg 14 and Saraswati
Namastubhyam Cd track 10 ,pg 15 My Prayers)
 We are learning the prayer before eating Brahmarpnam students learned and memorized
the first line. Please help them to memorize during weekdays.
Bhajan: We practiced the Bhajan Shree Ganaraya( CDTrack 36 Pg 48 My Prayers) to be
presented on Jan 26th
Lesson : H for happiness. We explored how happiness is a state of mind and does
not depend on toys or food etc. Students had a ride on Chinmaya train . They had an
agreement that they will always be happy all the time when they are aboard. We stopped
at various stations and ……..
Activity : Coloring page for H is in Happiness. Students did good job on sharing and
saying thank you to each others .
Game :
• Bingo Sanskrit. This is to help kids to identify/match and name Sanskrit vowels.
Those of who who do not have Latika book, please use Learn Sanskrit App. App
costs 1 dollar. If you have iPhone/iPad that has touch screen, this App will help
students to trace on vowel letters.
• Haritah raktah( green light /red light It lifted the chills in weather. Satwik Rajiv.
responded I am happy! And smiled.
We could not practice writing Sanskrit Alphabet. Please practice writing letters
learned in the past. Also Practice Bhajan Shree Ganaraya.
 in the auditorium.