Thursday, May 30, 2013

May 19th, 2013 - Jersey City Balavihar Swamiji Visit, Kids Performances

Hari OM everyone!
Thanks to everyone, the event well off very well. It was wonderful to see everyone looking and so enthusiastic despite the weather. It was also lovely to finally meet some of the spouses- who not only were enthusiastic, but also so very very helpful in getting things done! 
The event was very well orchestrated, beautiful and full of love and dedication. The children's performances were heart warming and brilliant and the parents performance was spectacular!
Thank you to Swamiji for coming to visit our Balavihar family, for changing his schedule and coming all the way to bless us, for his love and inspiration and for looking the other way when Uncle Siva signs big checks to pay for the BV! Thank you for your love Swamiji!
Since Food is the most important- Big thank you to the food committee led by Anjali Sharma & Veeresh Singh for the delicious and tasty food, the well defined menu for breakfast, and the great desserts. Thank you to everyone who cooked and for repeat of your trademark dishes! Everything was delicious and the empty trays are a testament to that. A special shout out to Shilpaji and family for providing all the eating utensils (plates, napkins, glasses, tablecloth, bags serving spoons etc) not only for this event but for the next 4 events! :)
Thank you to the teachers for coming together so well. The children looked fabulous and performed so wonderfully! The costumes were creative and so extraordinary and the timing and delivery of lines absolutely amazing. Special thanks to Ramya, Priya, Sandhya, Shwetha, Harshala Aunty & Deepa for teaching their kids so well and making sure they stayed mostly on track..and for the great digressions in an otherwise boring story! Thank you for their voices in chanting and in song, and their well managed enthusiasm!
Special thanks to Priya and Mira who not only looked amazing but gave an enthralling and inspirational performance - one to admire and inspire and learn from. Thank you both for your dedication, effort and work at the Balavihar and at this event!
Thank you to the dads who "got handy" in the morning and climbed on the ladders, stuck flowers, cut tape, stuck up banners, cleaned up and moved furniture around, did heavy lifting, operated cameras and recoding equipment and captured special moments during the course of the day, soothed crying babies, managed cranky children, changed soiled diapers, set up buffet tables, fetched and delivered stuff, set up books, took care of Swamiji and then cleaned everything up when the tasks were done. You all are invaluable to the Balavihar and your commitment and dedication to just amazing!! Thank you all! 
Thank you to all the moms and grandmas, who cooked, cleaned, came, dressed the kids in such spectacular costumes, managed kids, did the Purnakumbha and Aarti pooja, managed their classes, helped out with the buffet, served Swamiji, decorated and cleaned up stuff, took kids to bathroom, fed them snacks and food, cleaned up and kept cleaning up, made the special moments to be captured on film, dragged some unwilling spouses to BV and put them to work, carried things that others may need to BV, changed other people's kids and took care of them, managed "wardrobe malfunctions" and smiled and made it all look so easy. Thank you all!!
Thank you to Vasava Uncle and Uncle Siva for bringing Swamji, delaying him just that little bit so that we all got our act together, carrying all the fundamentals that we needed for running the event and providing crucial guidance on how to manage what for the BV. We are truly grateful for your inspiring leadeership, seva and your dedication. Thank you very much!
Last but not the least, very special thanks to Harshala Aunty and Sandhya for designing, deliberation, managing and executing this entire event. Sandhya for her musical gift and providing entertainment, mentoring and on event- babysitting help when required. Harshala Aunty who not only single handedly managed the logistics of all the items but also was instrumental in the stage design and set up! Harshala Aunty's dedication for this effort and the Balavihar is unmatched and we are all truly grateful for that! 
Thank you all. Have a great memorial day weekend and see you all either at the Chinmaya Mission family camp or June 2nd
Love & OM!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

May 12th, 2013 Balavihar Class Journal

This week, we did not have a regular class. All classes celebrated Gurudeo's Birthday which was on May 8th and also Mothers day. All of us chanted 108 names of Gurudeo, sang arti prayer. For Mother's day, we sang Matrustavanam and kids gave flowers to their mom and took blessings from their moms.

All classed then practiced their performances for Swamiji's visit.

Next class: May 19th, 2013
Swamiji will be visiting during this class. All classes will be performing for swamiji.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

May 5th, 2013 Balavihar Class Journal

PreK  Class Journal - Teachers: Sandhya and Ramya

The class started with the prayers and shlokas.
We did the following poses:

Tree pose, windmill, quiet mouse, llion pose, butterfly, bird, candle, 

Raas Leela
The kids attempted to dance to "Krishan" from the Arghya CD.

Three Gods
The kids reviewed the phrases about each god. Please use the linked video for practice:

We practiced breathing deeply in and out with the proper posture and hand pose (three fingers straight and the thumb +forefinger in a circle).

Story Time
We told a few stories from Panchatantra (available at bookstore)
K  Class Journal - Teachers: Harshala and Shweta

Shanti Paath
Meaning of one daily Prayer: Harinee did great on telling meaning of Karagre Vasate!
Lesson S is in smile: Students learned that smiling is important because it helps us to make friends; it keeps us healthy and requires less muscular effort (less muscle work) than frowning.
Story: Million dollar smile.
Activity: Find hidden smiley face worksheet.
Game: I love to smile Classroom made Vedanta smile finally when he was determined not to smile in the game!
 Lesson T is for truth Students leaned that truth always wins. Benefits of lying are temporary. Truth is sincerity in actions and words.
Story: A boy who cried a wolf.
Game: It is hard to tell a lie.
Practice of play

Homework coloring pages for S and T. Review ABC purple K book for the summary.
Review meaning of daily prayers. Assigned students will take turn in telling the meaning of the daily prayers. 


1st/2nd Grade Class Journal - Teachers: Deepa and Priya
Our class went as:
1. Om Sahanavavathu
2. Attendance
3. Daily Prayers (Karaagre Vasate, Vakratunda, Bramhaarpanam, Saraswati Namastubhyam, Shubham Karoti, Kara Charana)
4. GuruSthothram - 8 verses have been covered so far
5. Bhajans - We practiced Radhe Radhe and learnt Rama Naama Thaarakam as there are new kids who haven't learned these before
6. We covered the chapter of Surpanakha from Bala Ramayana
7. We went through the colors in Sanskrit in the form of a game
8. The entire Sanskrit vowel sequence was covered and the kids have been asked to write the series 2 times as a part of their homework.
9. The class was concluded with meditation followed by the closing prayer - Om Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinaha
All the kids have picked the characters they want to represent for Swamiji's visit and those who needed help with the lines to be recited have been told what to say as well. While coming for the next class please have the words and costume ready so we can rehearse. If the words have not been learnt, have them on a piece of paper to read out. See you at class next week.