Sunday, January 12, 2014

January 12th, 2014 Jersey City Balavihar Class Journal

Next class on 26th January 2014

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Peace Invocation: 3x OM
Bhagvan Ganeshji’s Prayer:   Vakratunda Mahakaya
Goddess Saraswati’s Prayer: Saraswati Namstubhyam
Guru’s Prayer: Gururbrhama
Daily Prayers:
Karagre Vasate
Brahmarpanam: We practiced second verse today.
Bhajan: We practiced Shree Ganaraya Bhajan 2x to get ready for presentation
Lesson: I for Intelligence
Story: We learned how Bhagvan Ganesha was winner of the fruit Naradmuni brought
by using intelligence.
Activity: Coloring page. We learned special feature about Elephant’s trunk.
How it can discriminate a blade of a grass and log of wood and adjust force to pick them
Sanskrit: We revised naming colors in Sanskrit, continued Bingo game for the vowel identification. We did not have enough timing for writing letters today.

Meditation: We pray Bhagvan Ganesha to give us an ability to remember to use our intelligence.

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